The Ultimate Reset: Day 20

Day 20 summary

Breakfast: chocolate vegan shakeology
Lunch: side salad and veggie hummus plate from Red Robin
Dinner: baked sweet potato and garlic veggies

Almost done! One more day!! I’ve just about had it with the fruit breakfast and salad lunches… so once again gave in and had a shake for breakfast. It’s only a half a scoop, so I’m having the snack serving size, and not eating a snack later in the day. But still it’s not the cleansing food that we’re supposed to be having.

Today is actually a holiday for the kids, MLK Jr. Day, so we had promised them lunch out at Red Robin. Eeek! They have all kinds of really tempting foods that are bad for you and definitely not on the plan… but I found a way to make it work: I had a side salad (didn’t eat the croutons or cheese) with a balsamic vinaigrette, and the veggie plate with hummus (didn’t eat the focaccia – or more than 2 TB of hummus). That worked! But I really REALLY wanted a french fry…

For dinner I repeated the baked sweet potato and garlic veggies meal since i still had so much of that in the house. I’m scared to try the baked tempeh dinner… I have the tempeh… it’s just staring at me in the fridge. I think I will try it post reset, when I feel like I can have something else as a back up option.

Oh and silly me, after 19 full days of successfully remembering to take every supplement? I forgot to take them before dinner tonight. SIGH. That’s OK. I can just take them later. There are worse things.

One more day!!

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